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Katie Davis, 21, of Statesboro Ga serves as a bartender at Mellow Mushroom. This is one of her final shifts at the restaurant. “So many of he people here are like family for me, and Statesboro is essentially home, so I’m kind of nervous.” (Michael Pledger)

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Katie Davis, 21, Statesboro Ga. 


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With the end of the semester comes the realization of the finite; the understanding that all things come to an end, even when you think they won’t. After months of rehearsing for the Broadway musical, Chicago. Sophomore Peyton Rowe comes to terms with not on the end of her show, but a separation from friends, classes, and the theater which has has managed to capture her heart and soul.

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Rowe (center) Prepares for the last performance of Chicago. A single tear is only just beginning to manifest. No one has taken notice yet, but the realization hits her suddenly.

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Rowe begins to cry. Her friends begin to jokingly tease her.  With curtain rapidly approaching, she shoes them away. “I’m just the sensitive one, and they know that,” Rowe laughs.

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Rowe finishes the last touch ups on her hair before going to get ready for costume.

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Still in make-up and immediately after preforming, Rowe helps to strike the very stage she danced on only minuets ago. “I was thinking about those stairs. I walked up and down them for nights, and now we’re just tearing them apart,” Rowe stated when I asked her what was going through her head in this picture.

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Rowe moves straight from strike, to a study party hosted by one of the crew members. She has an American Government final the next morning, and is focusing on Quizlet flashcards. The same flashcards, unbeknownst to her at the time, she would be staring at 13 hours from now  At this point, Rowe has been studying for about 2 hours.

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Rowe and her co-thespian, Bryce Hargrove take a quick break to see just how Bob Ross will turn a blob of brown pain into a detailed mountain range. Rowe and Hargrove are long time fans of the painter. His show has been on the TV for about 6 episode at this point. With the occasional joke, or exclamation of how tired they are, they group hardly speaks.

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The sun begins to rise. Rowe may look defeated, but in actuality, she is proud of the work she got done over the night. With her hat and her rose from her performance close by, she’ll browse through her phone until her final exam begins at 3 o clock.

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An excited and prepared Rowe heads to her final. She hasn’t slept in quite some time, and has only just finished the final performance for a two hour show. Rowe confirmed with me, after her final, that she felt as if she blew through the test.

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Jeremy Mac, 22, of Columbus, Ga, finishes the mile walk in heels strong. He mingles with other participants as the event comes to an end.


Georgia Southern University students celebrate the Holy festival on March 23, 2017. Students record the celebration on their phones.


Georgia Southern University students celebrate the Holy festival on March 23, 2017. 


Nathan Martinez, 20, of Richmond Hill, Ga, works at Three Tree Coffee Roasters. He is making a blueberry frozen latte for his customer.


Jackie Hane, 39, of Macon, Ga, is the owner of The Flowergirl located in downtown Statesboro, Ga. She prepares flowers for a wedding before this weekend.


Georgia Southern University students celebrate the Holy festival on March 23, 2017. Students are covered in florescent colored powders after the celebration.


Georgia Southern University students celebrate the Holy festival on March 23, 2017. Students record the celebration on their phones.


Georgia Southern University student, Sean Peele, 25, heads to the Henderson Library everyday after his classes. Staying at the library for long hours keeps Peele on track and focused.


Ricky Zanders, 21, of Roswell, Ga, donates his comforter at Statesboro’s Goodwill. He hopes someone puts it to good use.

Photostory: Imani Moody


Since President Trump’s election as the 46th president, Americans have several questions on their minds:

Who’s paying the wall between America and Mexico?

Is the Affordable Care Act being replaced anytime soon?

When are the jobs returning to America?

I wanted to address one of the questions from above: The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

TheAffordable Care Act (ACA) is a healthcare law used to reform the healthcare industry during President Barack Obama’s administration. The Affordable Care Act helped Americans with pre-existing medical and health conditions would be denied insurance. But, President Trump and his administration want to repeal and replace this law. These actions have consequences for several Americans, like Lawrence Algee.



Algee, 22 of Naperville, Ill. suffers from bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizoaffective disorder. He bites his hands or lips before he starts writing one of the many story projects he’s working on. “I can’t describe it, but writing all of these different stories helps calm me down,” Algee stated. 



“Knights of the Round Table” is the title Algee uses in one of his notebooks to label the autobiographies of the characters in the current book series he’s working on, the Artemis Drake book series. Algee hopes to write seven novels for this entire series. 



Algee, 22, of Naperville, Ill. writes more character background information regarding the main character, Artemis Drake, and the supporting characters in the novel. “I have several character sheets for characters in this book and beyond. I have all the characters practically planned out until the end of the book series,” Algee stated.



Algee, 22, Naperville, Ill. listens to music and watches Star Trek while he writes in his Google Drive document. “Watching television and listening to music while I write helps to relieve my anxiety. Finals are next week, so I need all the relief I can get from all the anxiety around next week,” stated Algee. 



All of these medications help Algee function daily since he was diagnosed with multiple mental disorders since his junior year of high school. “My mom has bipolar disorder, so it was bound to show up in one of her kids,” Algee stated. His father pays for Algee’s medications with help from his employer’s insurance company. With the repeal of the ACA, Algee’s father wouldn’t be able to afford the multiple medications Algee needs. “I can’t even tell you how much all my medications combined costs, but it’s a lot of money,” Algee stated. 







Photo Narrative-C.Taylor


Gregory Taylor, 18, Atlanta, GA searches for his father’s cuff links as he prepares himself for senior prom.


Jessica Taylor ,25, Atlanta,GA puts the finishing touches on her brother Gregory, 18, Atlanta,GA before he heads off to prom.


Gregory, 18, Atlanta,GA poses for the frame while he waits for the chauffeur.


Gregory, 18, Atlanta,GA chats with aunts as he heads to pick up his date..


Tatyana Chevis-Taylor, Rex,GA laughs as her date adjust the corsage straps for better comfort.


Tatyana Chevis-Taylor,18, Rex,GA places the boutonniere on her date Gregory, 18,Atlanta,GA


Gregory,18, Atlanta,Ga and Tatyana Chevis-Taylor, 18, Rex,GA smile for a few photos.


Tatyana Chevis-Taylor, 18, Rex,GA and Gregory,18, Atlanta,GA head off to their senior prom for a night of fun.

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Onlookers watched as an artist expressed himself at the Cannabis Cup hosted by High Times.


Got Meds? A tent at the Cannabis Cup offering patients information about recreational cannabis.


“Hemps and Flowers” perfomed for guests at the Cannabis Cup. The danced to songs with a techno beat.


Coffee and cookies were given to students at Arabic Coffee Hour a they learned about Arabic culture


Jared Wilder, 20, celebrated his win in Cahoots during Arabic Coffee Hour


Liz Nieves, 21, drew some chalk art outside of Sanford Hall for a class assignment.


Conrad Graham used child to express his love for GS by reminding everyone passing by Sanford to GATA.


Play-Doh was one of the many relaxing activities at Worry-Free Wednesdays to help student distress for finals.