Places &Faces Antonee Anderson


Students waiting by the Blue Route bus stop in front of the university book store at Georgia Southern University,Statesboro,GA (MMJ Antonee Anderson)


Places & Faces Antonee Anderson


Bernard Dawson , 22 enjoying a nice day outside the railroad track in Statesboro,GA while playing with his dog Jango (MMJ Antonee Anderson)

Places & Faces Antonee Anderson


Derek Morgan, 23, a senior, Patiently waiting on the food to finish cooking while working at the Dinning Commons in Statesboro,GA(MMJ Antonee Anderson).

Assignment 3 -Kelly Strojny

Places- Kelly Strojny

Things are blooming in February!

Places w/ Faces- Kelly Strojny

Warm sunny days of an early spring!

Faces in Places- Kelly Strojny

Just checking out the view:) Victoria Becton, Georgia Southern Student, 20, Fashion Merchandising Major.

Places & Faces- Antonee Anderson

IMG_4664The Dinning Commons a place were students come to enjoy a nice meal and hang with there friends, Statesboro GA. (MMJ/ Antonee Anderson)

Assignment 3: Places and Faces – Alana Tinsley

Places & Faces- Christopher White


The S&S Greenway is Statesboro is a 2.5 mile trail used by many people every day.


Two people biking on the greenway, with one person walking in the distance.


Rachel Carter, 22, a senior, writes an essay in the Carroll Building.