Final exam on Monday, 4/30 at 5:30 p.m.

It’s not too soon to start thinking about the final exam.

First, sometimes there is some confusion about the time. Sometimes students look on the exam schedule and mistake Monday class exams for classes that meet once per week in the evenings. Our final exam is at the regular class time. Here is a link to the exam schedule. Scroll to the bottom for the correct time:

SPRING 2018 Final Exam Schedule

If you find there is a conflict with another class’ final exam, please let me know right away.

The exam will cover material from the second half of the semester.  Like our midterm, it is an open note exam. To help you narrow down your focus, here is a link to a study sheet for you:

2018 MMJ3333 Final exam study sheet

NOTE: We covered the lesson on Portraits on the class before Spring Break, but it was not included on the midterm. Also note that, in the class presentation, I included a little bit of material form the first half of the semester. I had forgotten about our lesson about light, so your study sheet drops that material from the first half and includes the lesson on light. Go by the study sheet for the material you need for the final exam.


I would suggest you start reading over the handouts NOW to re-familiarize yourself with the material so you aren’t desperately looking for answers during the exam period. These are the links to the handouts you will need for the exam:


Let There Be Light

Interesting photographs: Forget good. Make your photos interesting!

Feature Photography

Covering the News

Remember, as you scan your handouts, look for type in boldface or italics. It is a clue that these are concepts I want you to remember and are likely to be included on the final exam.

Read the study sheet and plan to have it by your side as you take the exam, along with the handouts. I give you some answers, straight up, on the study sheet. Sometimes, I ask questions. If you can answer those questions ahead of time, this exam should be a breeze for you.

Contact me if you have any questions.