Final exam on Wed (5/3) at 5:30 p.m.

Just a couple of notes on the final exam. You should know by now whether or not you need to take it.

First, sometimes there is some confusion about the time. Sometimes people look on the exam schedule and mistake Wednesday class exams for classes that meet once per week in the evenings. Again, our final is at the regular class time. Here is a link to the exam schedule. Scroll to the bottom for the correct time:

SPRING 2017 Final Exam Schedule

The exam will cover material from the entire semester. Like our other tests this semester, it is an open note exam. To help you narrow down your focus, first think about themes and topics that have been consistently reinforced over that time. The questions will come directly from your previous tests. If it wasn’t covered on those tests, it won’t be on the final exam.

However, note that the same material might be slightly different on the final. For example, something that was True/False on a previous test might be a multiple choice question, this time. Or a multiple choice question might become a short answer one on the final. So don’t just try to memorize or remember answers from the previous tests.

I would suggest you skim over the handouts to re-familiarize yourself with the material. These are the posts with the links to the handouts necessary:


Email me if you have any questions, and I’ll see you all Wednesday evening!


Study sheet for last test on 4/19…

Here is a study sheet for the last written test of the semester. It will cover material, mostly after spring break, although there are a couple of handouts/study sheets that were introduced before Spring Break. Here is a link to the study sheet to help you narrow down the topics:

Second-half Photojournalism Study Sheet

Following are the links to the specific handouts/study sheets that you are expected to be familiar with. You REALLY need to download and read these handouts. Simply reading them will help you know where to look for the answers on your test next Wednesday.

The Shooter’s Mantra

Forget Good. Make your photos interesting

Feature Photography

Covering the news: How to approach news assignments visually

Visual Narratives

Copyright Law


Start reading now, and this test should be a breeze!

Let me know if you have any questions.