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Paige Peterson, 20, from Pembroke, Ga., spends some time with her five-month-old daughter, Kyra, at her babysitter’s house before taking Kyra home. Peterson is a junior writing and linguistics major at Georgia Southern University. She raises Kyra with her husband, Tom Peterson, who is a sniper in the United States army.


Jennifer Waanounou, 26, from Statesboro, Ga., inspects an authentic Swedish clog while placing shoes on a table display in the Deja Vu consignment shop on March 5. Waanounou bought the store, located at 601 Brannen St., from its former owner, Casey Arnett Lewis, in January 2017. She has been renovating the store over the past couple of months so it can have more space and have a more upscale retail vibe.


CJ Wiley, 23, from Statesboro, Ga., places jewelry on top of one of the displays in Deja Vu. Wiley was hired by Waanounou on March 2 to help stock the store’s increasing inventory, especially dresses for formal season. Wiley recently moved back to Statesboro to help take care of her ailing grandparents and found the store job by simply walking inside while Waanounou was there.


Debalina Ghosh, 23, a Georgia Southern graduate student from India, coaches Peyton Chapman, six,  from Statesboro, Georgia, to dance along to the music playing at Holi as other students also dance on the stage on March 23.

Ghosh enjoys Holi because of the vibrant-colored flour thrown there as well as the community. “It’s like bringing all of [your] friends and family together…you’re all the same so that discrimination [of skin color] is not there,” Ghosh said.


Sharmita Saha Porshia, 20, a sophomore at GS from Bangladesh (L) dances at Georgia Southern University Holi festival on March 23 alongside Debalina Ghosh (R), 23, a second-year graduate student. Porshia and Ghosh are performing a traditional Benghali folk dance at the festival.


Betsy Fanning, 55, and Elizabeth Allen, 87, from Charleston, South Carolina, take a moment to admire the blooming cherry blossom trees at the International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia on April 1. Fanning and her brother, Bob Allen, 54, from Charleston, brought Elizabeth, their mother to the festival so they could enjoy the event as a family.


Sergio Ruano, 42, from St. Thomas, the United States Virgin Islands, crafts a bracelet from a repurposed bicycle spoke. Ruano had his jewelry tent set up at the International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia on April 1.

He has been making these bracelets for 13 years, and he purchases beads for his bracelets from all around the world. As well, he uses the bike parts other than the spokes to create steel sculptures that he sells.