About this site

This site has been created for students enrolled in the Journalism 3333: Photojournalism course at Georgia Southern University. It will serve as a focal point for learning about photojournalism and acquiring many of the basic skills necessary to communicate with photographs in the context of news.

Photography is primarily a digital process these days, especially in the news and public relations business. Timeliness and rapid turnaround is the rule. As such, students must learn the basic skills to make photographs and digitally share them with their organizations and with the public.

Enrolled students will be added as users so they may post and add comments to this site.

Most shooting assignments for this course will be posted by students as blog entries to this site. Please see the instructions and rules for submitting assignments.

All the necessary materials required for assignments and exams will be distributed in the classroom, but the instructor will post links to reinforce and expand on the subjects and topics covered this semester. Students are encouraged to add their own relevant links and posts, as well.

Frank and open discussion is an elemental aspect of this course, so students are urged to submit questions as blog entries and make comments. The instructor will address issues privately as necessary, but the use of this site is encouraged as many students have similar questions or concerns which can often be dealt with openly.