Conrad Graham – Portfolio


Georgia Southern students come out to the Holi Festival held in front of the Centennial Place dormitories. Part of the festivities included powdered paint being thrown, hence the appearance of the warning sign.


Georgia Southern University political science major Lauren Howard had blue powder paint smeared on her forehead by a friend. She plots her good-natured revenge while holding her own bag of yellow paint.


Simultaneously, Georgia Southern University students tossed their powder paint into the air and at one another. The use of paint in the Holi Festival stems from different variations of Hindu legends.


Starbucks barista Tiffany Scott gives an espresso machine a disapproving look as it continues to steam milk after it should have automatically cut off. With Frappuccino Happy Hour rapidly approaching, Scott, a ten-year barista, does not want to have any problems when customers flood the store, even though most people will not be purchasing lattes.


Herff Jones employee Ric Roderick, background, helps Georgia Southern University seniors retrieve their caps and gowns before undergraduate commencement. Roderick has worked nine calendar years of GS graduations with his father – “I did my first one when I was three years old,” Roderick joked.


Senior biology major James Smith contemplates the design on his graduation cap. He is trying to fit a Grey’s Anatomy quote on the mortarboard to symbolize his desire to become a doctor, but the letters he chose from Hobby Lobby may not permit what he wants.


Freshman mathematics major Jordan Wright, right, and sophomore chemistry major Allison Eden, left, walk back to Starbucks during Frappuccino Happy Hour. They visited GameStop after purchasing half-price Frappuccinos while they waited on some friends to get through the line.


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