Senior Mariana Ranzahuer of Mexico and junior Jesus Rodriguez of Venezuela, study for their midterms by a tree on sweetheart circle. (Photojournalism/Clairissa Taylor)


Gregory Taylor,18, Atlanta,GA reflects on his high school career before leaving for prom.


Jessica Taylor, 25, Atlanta, GA and Gregory Taylor,18, Atlanta,GA share a moment to show off their attire.


Financial Aid assistant Quenyatta English, 22, of Milledgeville, Ga takes a moment of laughter about removing her hat. (Photojournalism/Clairissa Taylor)


Sophomore Jessica MacDonald of Memphis,TN enjoys a lovely afternoon with her energetic dog. (Photojournalism/Clairissa Taylor)


Georgia Southern University international studies major Joshua Bhimull, 22, of Honolulu, HI (Photojournalism photo/Clairissa Taylor)


Friends embrace the paint at the annual Georgia Southern University Holli Festival of Colors, Thursday March 23. (Photojournalism/Clairissa Taylor)


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