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With the end of the semester comes the realization of the finite; the understanding that all things come to an end, even when you think they won’t. After months of rehearsing for the Broadway musical, Chicago. Sophomore Peyton Rowe comes to terms with not on the end of her show, but a separation from friends, classes, and the theater which has has managed to capture her heart and soul.

Final Photos-3

Rowe (center) Prepares for the last performance of Chicago. A single tear is only just beginning to manifest. No one has taken notice yet, but the realization hits her suddenly.

Final Photos-4

Rowe begins to cry. Her friends begin to jokingly tease her.  With curtain rapidly approaching, she shoes them away. “I’m just the sensitive one, and they know that,” Rowe laughs.

Final Photos-5

Rowe finishes the last touch ups on her hair before going to get ready for costume.

Final Photos-6

Still in make-up and immediately after preforming, Rowe helps to strike the very stage she danced on only minuets ago. “I was thinking about those stairs. I walked up and down them for nights, and now we’re just tearing them apart,” Rowe stated when I asked her what was going through her head in this picture.

Final Photos-8

Rowe moves straight from strike, to a study party hosted by one of the crew members. She has an American Government final the next morning, and is focusing on Quizlet flashcards. The same flashcards, unbeknownst to her at the time, she would be staring at 13 hours from now  At this point, Rowe has been studying for about 2 hours.

Final Photos-10

Rowe and her co-thespian, Bryce Hargrove take a quick break to see just how Bob Ross will turn a blob of brown pain into a detailed mountain range. Rowe and Hargrove are long time fans of the painter. His show has been on the TV for about 6 episode at this point. With the occasional joke, or exclamation of how tired they are, they group hardly speaks.

Final Photos-9

The sun begins to rise. Rowe may look defeated, but in actuality, she is proud of the work she got done over the night. With her hat and her rose from her performance close by, she’ll browse through her phone until her final exam begins at 3 o clock.

Final Photos-11

An excited and prepared Rowe heads to her final. She hasn’t slept in quite some time, and has only just finished the final performance for a two hour show. Rowe confirmed with me, after her final, that she felt as if she blew through the test.


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