Kierah Highsmith-Picture Story


Before training her clients, Sadia Yansaneh, 23, of Atlanta, Ga reviews her schedule and future plans for her SimplyTone sessions at Monach apartment complex in Statesboro, Ga. Yansaneh is a personal trainer and started SimplyTone two years ago. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


Sadia Yansaneh, 23, of Atlanta, Ga stays in shape as motivation for her clients. Yansaneh helps endorse brands like “Sweet Sweat” which helps keep stomach muscles toned and sweaty. She feels that when training her clients in Statebsoro, Ga that she introduces them to products that can help them reach their goals. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)



Monday through Thursday, Sadia Yansaneh, 23, of Atlanta, Ga hosts hourly workout sessions for her clients. The sessions usually involve endurance, strength, and a lot of abdominal work. Yansaneh tries to incorporate various workouts to meet each client’s goal. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


Meal preparation plays a big part with looking healthy, being healthy, and staying healthy. Sadia Yansaneh, 23, of Atlanta, Ga visits one of her clients at Monarch Apartments, located in Statesboro, Ga.  Danyelle Gains, 22, of Atlanta, Ga is a long term client of Yansaneh and often asks Yansaneh to collaborate with food  to stay healthy. Both meal prep together each week after a SimplyTone session. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


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