Austin Hayes| Photo Journalism Portfolio


Georgia Southern University students line up outside of new indoor trampoline center, Flight Factory, located right off Highway 301 in Statesboro, Ga on Thursday, April 20, 2017. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


Drew Kendrick, 21, Atlanta, Ga, Georgia State Senior


Kelton “Kayo” Oates, 20, of Riverdale,Ga, is up early preparing to shoot for his video cover. Kelton is a junior at Georgia Southern, but his passion is music. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


Friends Aaron Fields, 23, left and Joshau Brentleigh, 21, right, of Atlanta, Ga, are asking Connor, 26, right, about the Gouda Grits, which is a customer favorite that pairs well with the chicken burger at Atlanta, Ga, restaurant, Farm Burger on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017. (Photojournalism photo/Austin Hayes)


Oates is part of a rap duo group, Bentley Gang, that has been rapping and making music for almost two years. Oates adds some duct tape covering his mouth to help symbolize one of his life mottos, “less talk, more action”. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


Hugli, left, also helps his son, R. K. Hugli, right,10, work on improving his mobility after hours at Southern Wellness and Rehab, in Statesboro, GA. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)After receiving his Masters in Physical Therapy in 1999 at University of St. Augustine, Hugli relocated to Statesboro, Ga with his family and opened Southern Wellness & Rehab in 2006 on his birthday, February 3. Hugli is applying kinesio tape, which is used to give support to your muscles. to patient’s shoulder. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


Physical Therapist Bryan Hugli, 47, of Tallahassee, FL, poses as he prepares for his typical weekday at Southern Wellness & Rehab, located in Statesboro, GA, on May 2, 2017. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


Vernon Smith, 20, of Atlanta, Ga., unwinds after a long day class Tuesday, March 7, 2016. Smith is in his third year as a mathematics major at Georgia Southern university and finds that a nice smoke session by the pool can take a little stress off of the day. The weather here in Statesboro, Ga., has been nice lately and Smith says he enjoys days like this where he can enjoy the southern weather.


Georgia Southern sophomore, Chouncy Collins, 20, of Fort Wainwright, Alaska, gets into his zone as he makes music on his laptop on March 7,2016. Collins is a computer science major here at GSU, but his true passion is producing music using software programs like Fruity Loops (pictured above). When he’s not in class, Collins spends most of his time in the studio engineering beats for underground rap artist. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


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Georgia Southern University Senior, Multimedia/Education major(s), YouTube personality, web series host. Just trying leave my mark of passion and positivity in this crazy world.

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