Photo Narrative-C.Taylor


Gregory Taylor, 18, Atlanta, GA searches for his father’s cuff links as he prepares himself for senior prom.


Jessica Taylor ,25, Atlanta,GA puts the finishing touches on her brother Gregory, 18, Atlanta,GA before he heads off to prom.


Gregory, 18, Atlanta,GA poses for the frame while he waits for the chauffeur.


Gregory, 18, Atlanta,GA chats with aunts as he heads to pick up his date..


Tatyana Chevis-Taylor, Rex,GA laughs as her date adjust the corsage straps for better comfort.


Tatyana Chevis-Taylor,18, Rex,GA places the boutonniere on her date Gregory, 18,Atlanta,GA


Gregory,18, Atlanta,Ga and Tatyana Chevis-Taylor, 18, Rex,GA smile for a few photos.


Tatyana Chevis-Taylor, 18, Rex,GA and Gregory,18, Atlanta,GA head off to their senior prom for a night of fun.


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