Ontaria Woods- Portfolio


Onlookers watched as an artist expressed himself at the Cannabis Cup hosted by High Times.


Got Meds? A tent at the Cannabis Cup offering patients information about recreational cannabis.


“Hemps and Flowers” perfomed for guests at the Cannabis Cup. The danced to songs with a techno beat.


Coffee and cookies were given to students at Arabic Coffee Hour a they learned about Arabic culture


Jared Wilder, 20, celebrated his win in Cahoots during Arabic Coffee Hour


Liz Nieves, 21, drew some chalk art outside of Sanford Hall for a class assignment.


Conrad Graham used child to express his love for GS by reminding everyone passing by Sanford to GATA.


Play-Doh was one of the many relaxing activities at Worry-Free Wednesdays to help student distress for finals.


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