Assignment 7- PhotoStory -ReSubmisison

Rickeal Irvin, 23, is a Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Senior at Georgia Southern. For his final exam he chose to create a portfolio of his favorite outfits and describe why they are important to him. The outfits selected in this photoshoot signifies Rickeal in different environments as the day progresses. It also signifies his school journey from the start to the beginning.



“I chose to this outfit because it’s my causal, everyday swag,” Irvin said. “This was one of my first outfits I wore to GS when I first got here. I wanted to fit in with the True Blue.”



“I look ahead with some fear, but no doubt in myself,” Irvin said.


Rickeal said that is was important for him to keep his swag even while in a professional attire. This loose tie signifies his journey through the school year; as much as he wanted to let go, he held on.



Rickeal described these shoes as good luck. He has passed three exams while wearing these shoes, and he also met his girlfriend after she complimented him on them.


“Looking back from where I started, who knew that I would be here today,” Irvin said as he recollected his entire school year.


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