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Georgia Southern University students line up outside of new indoor trampoline center, Flight Factory, located right off Highway 301 in Statesboro, Ga on Thursday, April 20, 2017. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


GSU’s University Program Board (UPB) host several student only events throughout the semester. The UPB paid for 600 students to jump for free at the new Flight Factory location in Statesboro, Ga. Students had a choice of free lay on the trampolines or playing around on Flight Factory’s Wipeout Machine (picture above). (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


A student watches in awe as her friend learns how to reach new heights , jumping almost 4 ft, on the indoor trampolines at Flight Factory in Statesboro, GA. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


GSU students were also able to entertain themselves with a game of dodgeball on one of Flight Factory’s Indoor trampolines. The combination of dodgeball with trampoline fun reminds students to take time out and be a kid again and the event was a fun refresher right before final exam week. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


One student decides to show off his athletic talents and shoot his shot on trampoline basketball goal. Dunking a basketball is a lot easier when you have Flight Factory’s trampoline underneath your feet. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


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Georgia Southern University Senior, Multimedia/Education major(s), YouTube personality, web series host. Just trying leave my mark of passion and positivity in this crazy world.

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