Alexandria’s Portfolio


Singer, Songwriter, and musical artist Raury came to visit Georgia Southern this year for the True Blue Concert at Georgia Southern University in Hanner Field House. (Photo By: Alexandria Richbourg)


Sade McMullen, 20, of Atlanta, GA, takes graduation photos by lakeside at Georgia Southern University. Like many gradutes, she’s excited to start life after college. “I’m nervous, but I’m excited. I’ve been here for four years. It’s time to go,” McMullen said. (Photo by: Alexandria Richbourg)


King M. Dot of North Carolina performs his music at Georgia Southern’s Music Festival. He opened up the True Blue concert and set the tone for the night. (Photo By: Alexandria Richbourg)


Cortez Sherman, 21, of Milledgeville, GA, (center) cheers on Adrian Hylton, 20, of Brooklyn, NY, (top right) as he battles his fear of being 40+ feet above the ground. Adrian stayed in this position for 35 minutes before making any other movements (Photo by: Alexandria Richbourg)

My best photographs of the semester are located here as well


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