Portfolio – Javarous Traylor


Resident Director, Verva Shumate, 29, Statesboro, Ga



Aaron Keenan, 20, serving dinner to friends


Kendall Jackson, 20, Savannah Ga. “As finals are quickly approach here at SCAD I come here sometimes to decompress and relax. The world can seem to be moving so fast sometimes but when i’m here it seems to slow down completely.” (Ga Southern/Javarous Traylor)


Sydney Warner, 21, Despite the University style t-shirt that says ‘Hillman” she is a Savannah State University student. Sydney is using the growing social media platform that most young adults are obsessed with. Snapchat has become one of the leading social media platforms in the world. Allowing many to share some pretty funny moments and some plain silly ones using their various filters.


A couple of days ago, I was invited to a Gender Reveal Party. This is an event where the Mom and Dad to be, find out the gender of their child for the very first time.


About Javarous Traylor
What's up! My name is Javarous Traylor better known as, JT. I attend The Real GSU (Georgia Southern). I have hopes of being great journalist someday but until then I'll be right here sharing all the news I can. 😁

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