Portfolio – Cara Tripodis

IMG_0085 (1)

Jessica Smith, Starbucks Barista, serves her long line of customers during the busiest hour of the morning on Monday, March 27th.


Damien Fluellen, left, and Jordan Ragnauth, right, fill the rotunda with music during this months Organization Fair at Georgia Southern University on Tuesday, March 28.


Ashton Shelby, 22, of Marietta, Ga., supports Love Your Melon by wearing her beanie around GSU’s campus. (Cara Tripodis)


Nicole Tripodis, 20 of Clearwater, FL., enjoys a conversation with a friend during Tampa Bay’s Gasparilla Pirate Festival, Jan. 28. (Cara Tripodis)


Alexie Brown, 23, enjoys a pool day in February to embrace the south Georgia weather in Statesboro, Ga. on Feb.28, 2017. “What is better than starting summer early” (Cara Tripodis/Photojournalism)


Michelle Doval, 23 of Marietta, Ga. (left), and Alexie Brown, 23 of Helen, Ga.(right), enjoy others time, poolside, after a year of seeing each other. (Cara Tripodis)

Two Georgia Southern University students, talk and dance at the rotunda during the Organization Fair at Georgia Southern University on Tuesday, March 28. (Cara Tripodis)

Ashley Fitzgerald, 23 of Suwannee, Ga., (left) and Sarah Jackson, 22 of Birmingham, Al., (right) enjoy strolling through the streets of Savannah on their way to lunch. (Cara Tripodis)


Jillian Huntley, 23 of Blue Ridge, Ga., gets ready to begin her “going out” process starting with her make up. (Cara Tripodis)


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