Picture Story – Kenya Word

For my picture story I chose to depict C’onna Weaver preparing for her upcoming graduation ceremony. These pictures were taken over the span of a week in different locations. These pictures show some of C’onna’s last moments as a Georgia Southern Eagle!

C'Onna's Namecard

While shooting this photo C’Onna expounds on her frustration with Georgia Southern University because she in fact will be graduating Summa Cum Laude not Cum Laude. The graduation ceremony is May 6, 2017 in Statesboro, GA.

C'Onna's Graduation Pictures

C’Onna Weaver, 22, Statesboro, Ga sits down to select her top fifteen graduations photos after recently taking them around Georgia Southern University campus in Statesboro, GA.

C'Onna's Invitation

C’Onna Weaver sits at her home in Statesboro, GA preparing invitations to send off for her graduation celebration which will be a joint celebration with her long-time friend Aleceia Howard.

C'Onna Walking

C’Onna Weaver walking out of the Brannen building at Georgia Southern University which is the home of her major, Psychology. Her plans after graduation include preparing for grad school and paying back Sallie Mae.


Here C’Onna Weaver finishes her last research paper of her undergraduate career for her physiological psychology class; her topic is schizophrenia.

C'Onna in class

This picture depicts the moment when C’Onna finds out she and five of her classmates will be receiving extra credit for being the only ones to attend her physiological psychology class at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA.



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