Picture Story- Jiaqi Wu

Since the fall semester of 2016, Eagle Motorsports, Georgia Southern’s racing team has been preparing for Baja SAE competition. This is an international competition that students need to design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain.

The Baja SAE team includes 26 engineering students and they will compete against approximately 100 other engineering schools from all over the world in June.



The President of GSU Eagle Motorsports Garrett Howze, 22, of Savannah, Ga, welds the frame in the shop. It is the fifth time that he participated this competition.



The Baja body has been completed. “The rules of Baja SAE change every year, so we are trying to design a new car each year,”  Howze said, “I’m extremely proud of what I’m doing.”



Different parts for building the Baja car.



Ben Carvet, a mechanical engineering student, 23, of Macon, Ga, middle, discussing about the details with his partner. “I’m very glad to join the program, I believe we can do well in endurance ” Carvet said.



Baja vehicle needs to be taken care of every aspect especially grip. It’s very important to choose the tyres.


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