Picture Story- Charles Montana

Chi Alpha Campus Ministry hold a service devoted to baptisms for those who have accepted Jesus. The pictures tell the story of how Chi Alpha sets up, practices, and performs this service. This service was held Tuesday April 25.


Chi Alpha Director Stephen MacDonald, 29, hooks up the trailer full of equipment to the Chi Alpha car to take the equipment to set up.


Chi Alpha leader, Ross Barnett, 22, checks the sound of the band while they are practicing their set list.


Worship Leader, Wesley Edwards leads the band in practice.


Mark Rogerson, 20, practices his rhythm before the service.


Stephen MacDonald pushed the Baptism tub to the rotunda where students will soon be baptized.


Students begin to gather around as the worship band begins to play.


Nikki Schultz, Leads a song during the time of worship.


Students are engaged with the worship.


Georgia Southern Freshman, Kyndal Harp is the first student to get baptized. She found God this year in college.


Georgia Southern Sophomore hugs Michael Beatrice, 23, after he is baptized.


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