Photo Story- Cara Tripodis

Makena Brown has spent the last four years of her life here at Georgia Southern University. As a women of dedication, Makena is the President for the Phi Mu sorority, an honors Public Relations student, and a student on the hunt for a job. She is more than thrilled for May 6, her graduation day. She says, “I am always busy with school or managing this chapter. Running chapter meetings and doing lot of paper work kind of take over my life.” I spent a couple of days spending time with this busy student in attempts to capture her life before she sets out into the real world.


Phi Mu President Makena Brown, 22 of Alpharetta, Ga. starts her Tuesday mornings by checking the financial status of the chapter members. (Cara Tripodis)





Brown, 22 of Alpharetta, Ga., created a prayer wall for members to use for prayer request. She checks in before every chapter meeting. (Cara Tripodis)


Makena Brown, 22, along side Phi Mu Vice President Mackay Haley, 22 of Effingham County, respond to a question from a member during their weekly chapter meetings. (Cara Tripodis)


Brown, 22 of Alpharetta, Ga., in Phi Mu’s conference room, prepares for a visit from national Phi Mu for her last chapter meeting as President by reading over the sororities bi laws. (Cara Tripodis)


Brown, 22 of Alpharetta, Ga., makes time for her future career by applying to public relations internships in Atlanta, Ga. (Cara Tripodis)


Student, Makena Brown, 22, picks up one of her final projects for her honors program from the Georgia Southern Print Shop, Wednesday, April 19. (Cara Tripodis)


Makena Brown, 22 of Alpharetta, chooses to take her senior pictures in front of a place that means the most to her, the Phi Mu house, 114 Olympic Blvd, Statesboro, Ga. (Cara Tripodis)



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