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Georgia Southern University students and community members celebrate Holi also known as “The Festival of Colors” on March 25, 2017 in front of Georgia Southern’s bookstore located in Statesboro, Ga. Participants received a white t-shirt and color-powdered packets to throw at each other. Holi is a celebration of love, the arrival of Spring, and the good that triumphs over evil. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


Jessie Hammer, 21, of Newna, Ga gets crafty with her Blood & Gore project. for her Stage Make-Up class at Georgia Southern University, located in Statesboro, Ga. “I just wanted to do something freaky with a lot of blood.”(Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


Meg Elwood, 22, of Savannah, Ga spends her spare time in the Convergence Room at Georgia Southern University, located in Statesboro, Ga. “Whenever I’m on doing work I come here because it’s convenient and I get to watch Multimedia Apps newscast in here.” (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


Wesley Guy, 23, of Riverdale, Ga charms students with his personality and smile at the housing fair at Georgia Southern’s University Russell’s Union located in Statesboro, Ga. “I work at The Renaissance and they always send me anywhere students are to persuade people to sign a lease.” (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


Shannon Madden, 22, from Jacksonville, FL enjoyed walking her dog, Annie around Sweetheart Circle on Georgia Southern Universtiy’s campus, located in Statesboro, GA on Tuesday March 7, 2017. “Annie loves are daily walks, it’s our bonding time.” (Kierah Highsmith/Photojournalism)

true blue

King M. Dot of North Carolina performs his music at Georgia Southern’s True Blue concert. “I’m a lover of the arts. I love being part of it because it’s wonderful. Getting up there is the best feeling in the world, letting loose and jamming on stage.” King M Dot was the opening act of the True Blue concert in Statesboro, Ga at Georgia Southern University’s Hanner Field House. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


Emma Greenway, 3, of Statesboro, GA watches the performances at Georgia Southern’s True Blue event at Hanner Field House in Statesboro, Ga. Greenway likes to dance to the music and wander around in the stands. Her mom, Dannie Greenway brought her to the event, so Emma could have a good time. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


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