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The members of Southern Collegiate Gaming, an e-sports (gaming) organization at Georgia Southern University, gather for a teamwork module called the TT Module on April 17 at the Hanner Fieldhouse. Coaches from the athletics department are showing the different teams how to work together by playing a game in which the team members have to step through a gridded square. Subsequent members have to memorize where their previous teammates stepped and follow the same pattern to successfully complete the exercise.narrative-finals-3

Several SCG members try to guide Darius Minus, 19, a sophomore computer science major from San Diego, Ca., through the gridded square exercise. Many times, each small team of SCG members completed the grid exercise in a more efficient manner when the team members watching gave the member stepping through the grid specific directions.


One of the athletic coaches at the TT Module, Nick McMillen, 23 (far right), a sports and exercise psychology graduate student from Marietta, Ga., laughs as he watches some of the SCG members try to complete the grid exercise. During the module, some of the participants yelled and aggressively pointed as they talked their teammate through the exercise.

narrative-finals-10 copy

Felipe Alatorri, 20, a sophomore computer science major from Augusta, Ga., helps Tyson Griffaw, 19, a sophomore computer science major from Claxton, Ga., adjust his headset during the Willie J. Burden Gaming Tournament, hosted by SCG, on April 21. The tournament was a charity event to raise money for a scholarship to be given to a GS sports management student.

Alatorri and Griffaw, along with the other members of SCG’s competitive League of Legends team, had to relocate to their own homes to play since the internet connection at the Hollis building was not that strong.


Darius Minus, a sophomore computer science major from San Diego, Ca., shouts in frustration as he plays against the University of North Carolina during the Willie J. Burden Tournament. Minus said that since the tournament was a charity event, he and the other League of Legends first string members did not play their best. They were more focused on having fun than necessarily playing to win.

narrative-finals-6 copy

Some of the games that SCG plays competitively, such as Super Smash Bros., are played using controllers like these, which would be hooked up to an Xbox gaming console. Other games, like League of Legends, are played using players’ custom monitor, mouse, keyboard and CPU combinations. During actual competitive tournaments, SCG members will play on systems set up next to each other.


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