Final Assignment

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Mario Lawson, 28, of Statesboro, has been with Vending Services at Georgia Southern University for 4 years.   Every morning he goes to several vending machines on campus, checks inventory, restocks inventory, moves on to another machine. Mario graduated Georgia Southern last May but chose to stay with vending after graduating.                                                                                       This process usually takes Mario 2 1/2 hours which is the fastest time of all of the Vending staff.

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Mario uses the university’s vehicle to travel to various locations on campus. His route includes the new Ecology buildings, resident halls, the Performing Arts Center, the old ecology building, the vending warehouse, and the new location of the South campus.

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Due to regulations set forth by Georgia Southern University  stating that a temporary worker cannot work over 1300 hours in a year Mario will have to leave his job.

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Mario shares farewell wishes with the receptionist at the Performing Arts Center 

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Mario sits down for one final lunch with his co worker Charles Bacon, 55, they chat about his upcoming final day.”If I could offer Mario any advice, I would tell him that if he wants something then go for it”                                                                                                                                                  After leaving this job he plans on focusing more on his music and acting career. He doesn’t have another job lined up after he leaves this job but he has his mind set on the sunny beaches of California.  





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