Final Assignment 7: Story

Georgia Southern University student, Sean Peele has officially launched his clothing line, Page Ten. He tries to balance his new business and school by staying at the Henderson library for long hours everyday.


Georgia Southern University student, Sean Peele, 25, heads to the Henderson Library everyday after his classes. Staying at the library for long hours keeps Peele on track and focused.


Peele is a fashion merchandising major, he has been sketching new designs for Page Ten. He plans on adding a men’s line to his business.


Peele says the library is a great place to get a lot done, it’s quiet and comforting. He usually spends five hours a day in the Henderson library.


As spring semester comes to an end, Peele hurries to turn in all his assignments. He expects to pass all his classes with nothing expect A’s and B’s.


After spending hours at the library, Peele is finally ready to go home to work some more. He’s excited for summer vacation so he can fully focus on Page Ten.


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