Erin Ahlholm | Photo Story

With graduation approaching, students have begun to solidify their plans to uproot from their comfort zones and stumble cluelessly into the great abyss, also referred to as “The Real World”.  Yesterday, soon to be alumna Morgan Morris took her first stroll through downtown Savannah as a new Savannah resident. Moving to a new, bigger city is always intimidating, but the best way to fall in love with the bright lights is to go out and explore!


Morgan makes a stop at a popular restaurant in her new home, Savannah, Ga, for a quick bite to eat before she begins exploring the rest of the city.


Lunch was delicious! Now, it’s time to really indulge. Morgan makes her way to one of Savannah, Ga’s famous sweet shops!


Finding a place that sells something familiar is another way Morgan can make herself feel a little more at home in the new city.


Jelly Beans remind Morgan of her grandfather, a man she spent the majority of her childhood with.


A nice reminder that despite leaving beloved family and friends behind, life is still wonderful and full of opportunities to grow.


Sometimes walking alone is the best way to really get to know a place. Morgan makes her way down to Broughton Street to treat herself to some much needed professional attire before she begins her new job in Savannah.


Morgan admires a ridiculously over-priced piece of clothing. “Someday, I’ll actually be able to afford that,” Morgan said. The first step to achieving your dreams is to get out of your comfort zone. Though it may feel lonely now, Morgan knows the more she ventures, the more amazing people she will meet.


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