Kierah Highsmith -Events


The University Programming Board of Georgia Southern brought new ideas to the festival. Hand prints on a banner was an idea that UPB got from International Studies. The goal of the banner and the festival is to give students an opportunity to learn about other cultures in an exciting way. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


International students Hiya Guha, 23 and Sharmita Saha Porshia, 20 participated in Holi by performing international dances. The performances occured at the beginning of the event, before the colors. The dancers later joined the audience by dancing in the color with their friends. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


Georgia Southern University students and community members celebrate Holi also known as “The Festival of Colors” on March 25, 2017. Participants received a white t-shirt and color-powdered packets to throw at each other. Holi is a celebration of love, the arrival of Spring, and the good that triumphs over evil. (Photo By: Kierah Highsmith)


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