Features Assignment| Austin Hayes| Photojournalism


Jasmyn Cornell, 21, a theater major at Georgia Southern, studies rigorously at Henderson Library on GS campus, for an upcoming communication research paper that is due later in April. The paper is supposed to be an analysis of scholarly research and is 8 pages long, so Cornell wanted to get a jump start. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


Kelton “Kayo” Oates, 20, of Riverdale,Ga, is up early preparing to shoot for his video cover. Kelton is a junior at Georgia Southern, but his passion is music. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


Oates is part of a rap duo group, Bentley Gang, that has been rapping and making music for almost two years. Oates adds some duct tape covering his mouth to help symbolize one of his life mottos, “less talk, more action”. (Austin Hayes/Photojournalism)


About findingaustynhayes
Georgia Southern University Senior, Multimedia/Education major(s), YouTube personality, web series host. Just trying leave my mark of passion and positivity in this crazy world.

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