Interactions-Julia Fechter


Jillian Durant, 28, a GS voice professor from Savannah, Ga., practices the singing lines for Abigail Williams in the final dress rehearsal of “The Crucible” opera, held on Feb. 16 at the Georgia Southern Performing Arts Center.


Durant’s character, Abigail Williams, struggles with “The Crucible” character of Betty Parrish, who is played by sophomore vocal performance major Cassie Warthen, 20, from Covington, Ga. Durant, Warthen and others are practicing the play during its final dress rehearsal on Feb. 16 at the Performing Arts Center. Warthen is running around the stage after her character was stricken by a mysterious illness connected to the witchcraft claims.


From left to right: Durant; Emily Deyton, a junior music education major, from Warner Robins, Ga.; Warthen; and Adriel Baralt, a freshman music performance major, 18, from Douglasville, Ga. Deyton and Baralt play the characters of Rebecca and Francis Nurse in “The Crucible”. Their characters listen on as Reverands Hale, Parrish and other townspeople in Salem talk about possible witchcraft.The group is running through the final dress rehearsal  on Feb. 16 at the Performing Arts Center before its premiere the following night.


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