Assignment 3: Interaction


Daisy Guzman, 56, of Snellville, Ga, takes a picture of friends at the Valentine’s Day party hosted by the St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Lawrenceville, Ga. Guzman attends the event on Feb. 11, 2017.


Daisy Guzman, 56, right, of Snellville, Ga, and Rodolfo Sibrian, 58, left, of Snellville, Ga, engage with friends as they wait for their Valentine’s Day dinner to be served. The two friends attend the Valentine’s Day party hosted by the St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Lawrenceville, Ga, on Feb. 11, 2017.


Daisy Guzman, 56, left, of Snellville, Ga, husband Domingo Guzman, 59, middle, of Snellville, Ga and Martin Lozano, 48, right, of Lawrenceville, Ga, engage as the Valentine’s Day dinner is being served. The St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Lawrenceville, Ga, hosted the Valentine’s Day party on Feb. 11, 2017.


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