Materials from Ethics lesson (2/15)

There was some great discussion in class Wednesday! We didn’t get to cover everything I wanted to, but that’s okay. Here are some follow-up materials for review and to help cover what we didn’t get to  …

If you ever want to reference the topics covered in John Long’s video, here’s a link to the special report posted on the NPPA website:


You need to become familiar with the issues and how the discussion is being framed in the news industry. Plus, expect to answer questions from this material on your midterm and final exams.


Here is a briefer, bullet-pointed synopsis of Long’s video, along with some updated thoughts and suggestions:

Ethics in the Age of Digital Photography Study Guide

Also, please read and download the material about issues of taste in photographing and publishing photographs depicting death and tragedy:

Lessons in Humanity: The Ethics of Taste in Photojournalism

Especially make sure you read through this handout, since we didn’t get to explore and discuss some of the issues. Expect questions on your exams from it, particularly about the concepts of newsworthiness and the conditions that require newsroom discussion when deciding whether or not to publish potentially controversial photographs.

And lastly, as always, here is the PDF version of the presentation:

Photojournalism Ethics Presentation

NOTE: For those who missed class, make sure you scroll through the presentation and read my presenter’s notes. The associated videos are below.

These are important issues. Like I said in class, your generation will determine how photographs remain credible testimonies in the context of news. Know the issues and think about how to solve some of the problems we experience with credibility in visual journalism.

Expect to see some additional articles posted on the FB group to help you expand your understanding. Hopefully, we can generate further discussion about this, too.

As always, contact me if you have any questions.

Videos from presentation:

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial Content Aware Fill


James Nachtwey’s mission (excerpt from “War Photographer”)


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