Kierah Highsmith: Assignment 2 Part:1


Georgia Southern Student Taisha White, 21 of Greenville Ga is far from camera shy. White is constantly on air whether it’s being a reporter at her internship for WTOC or being an anchor for Multimedia Applications Class. (AP Photo/ Kierah Highsmith)


Former Miss Georgia Southern Harley Strickland, 20 of Morrow Ga has been practicing her journalism skills. Strickland plans to get into the broadcast field, to become a news anchor after she graduates next December. (AP Photo/ Kierah Highsmith)


Georgia Southern Professor Dean Cummings, 53 of Statesboro Ga has no problem working off the clock. Cummings spends extra time with his students, after class is over, in The Convergence Room helping his students become better reporters. (AP Photo/ Kierah Highsmith)


Georgia Southern Student Meg Elwood, 21, of Statesboro Ga spends most of her time in Sanford since this is final semester as a journalism student. Since the Convergence Room has opened, Meg spends a lot of time in there watching the news or preparing for her Multimedia Applications class. (AP Photo/Kierah Highsmith)


The Forum’s Assistant Manager Terrance Harper, 25 of Statesboro Ga tries to persuade students to sign a lease at The Forum by participating in Georgia Southern’s Student Housing Fair. Harper has worked at The Forum for over four years. (AP Photo/ Kierah Highsmith)


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