What’s ahead?

Okay folks! Not to make your heads explode with information, but I want to give you a heads-up on what’s coming up in the next few weeks.

We are going to review the process of using Lightroom to organize, download, and prepare/process your pics, and I’ll show you how to upload your assignments to the class website next Wednesday (2/8). But be advised: we will fly through this, and I’ll give you until the end of the week to finish uploading both parts of your last shooting assignment (Mugshots/Depth-of-field/perspectives), if necessary.

So be prepared. Review the process. Here’s that link again:

Using Lightroom

Please review it. Practice it again, if you have a chance.

Also, we are going to briefly cover a few aspects of Constitutional law next class (2/8) that you should know before I send you out on further assignments. I will answer some questions, but we need to keep it brief. I will post a handout here on the website, after class, which contains the information you need to study for exams.

Then we’ll go over a lesson that will be central to this course – if you practice these principles, you will be successful at creating photographs that communicate something meaningful in the context of news. The concepts are simple, but practice is the key.

You will be getting another shooting assignment next week – but it won’t be due for another two weeks. It will be due on the website, 24 hours before class, on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 5:30 p.m.

While you are working on that shooting assignment, you will be required to watch a video before coming to class on 2/15. We’ll discuss this briefly next week, but it is required viewing! You cannot participate in class discussions without viewing this video. To ensure that everyone views it, there will be a quiz on the video at the beginning of class on 2/15.

If you have some time and want to get a jump on watching the video, here is a link:

Ethics in the Age of Digital Photography

Just a couple of notes on this video: It’s 57 1/2 minutes long, so you need to free up at least an hour to watch it and take notes. This is the only time this semester I will require you to spend this much time outside of class, other than shooting assignments or studying for exams.

Many of you might laugh at the production quality. And that’s okay. It’s essentially at live-to-tape production of a classroom lecture. And you might chuckle at the cutaway shots of student’s faces during the lecture. Trust me, I recognize some of those looks! However, this is STILL the best introduction I have found to the ethical issues that photojournalism faces today.

Despite being produced in 2006 – at the very beginning of the decline of advertising revenues in print journalism – these are still the issues we continue to face today. We need to have a foundation for ethical discussions in photojournalism, and this is where we start!

So watch this when you have a chance, and remember you will be quizzed on it (2/15) before we start class discussions.


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