Adrian Hylton, 20, of Brooklyn, NY, faces his fear of heights at Georgia Southern’s Dynamic Ropes Course. This is his first time doing anything like this and he’s excited for the challenge. (Photo by: Alexandria Richbourg)


Adrian Hylton, 20, of Brooklyn, NY, climbs the Pamper Pole, a high ropes challenge activity at Georgia Southern University. Even though Adrian was afraid, he continued to climb with the support of his friends below who helped cheer him on.(Photo by: Alexandria Richbourg)


Cortez Sherman, 21, of Milledgeville, GA, (center) cheers on Adrian Hylton, 20, of Brooklyn, NY, (top right) as he battles his fear of being 40+ feet above the ground. Adrian stayed in this position for 35 minutes before making any other movements (Photo by: Alexandria Richbourg)


Adrian Hylton, 20, of Brooklyn, NY, finally stands on top of the Pamper Pole which is 40+ feet off of the ground. Even though Adrian was afraid and it took him half an hour to stand, he trusted the course and finally overcame his fear of heights. (Photo by: Alexandria Richbourg)




Jasmyn Hugan, 24, of Louisiana, likes to spend her raining evenings with a burrito bowl from Barberitos after getting off of work. Barberitos is close to Hugan’s work and off campus apartment. (Photo by: Kierah Highsmith)


Jasmyn Hugan, 24, of Louisiana, eats a left over meal from Barberito’s as her dinner. Hugan’s burrito bowl consists of work rice, pinto and black beans, lettuce, cheese, Pico de Gallo, corn salsa, and queso on the top. Hugan is a consistent customer and prefers to eat her food while watching Netflix. (Photo by: Kierah Highsmith)


Jasmyn Hugan, 24, of Louisiana, enjoys her burrito bowl from Barberito’s as she binge watches an HBO series called Shameless. Shameless is Hugan’s is currently her favorite thing to watch on Netflix. (Photo by: Kierah Highsmith)

Interactions Assignment


Sophomore Naomi Harris (left), Senior Kimeon Few (center left), Sophomore Jasmine Carr (center right) and Sophomore Tiffany Campbell (right) raise money for Pennies 4 Pints, and organization that helps suppress body shaming for young girls


Grandmothers Jeanette Robinson of Augusta, 60 (left) and Janice Jordan of SouthWest Georgia, 64, right, take a quick breather as their high school senior grandchildren tour Georgia Southern University Campus


Connor Elsbree, 23 practices his tightrope walking in the middle of Sweetheart Circle

Interaction assignment – Zach Arogeti


Back from Israel, Doug Nabert, 18 (left) shares stories from his trip with his friends, Tyler Schuster (middle) and Bennett Kaufman (right).


Doug Nabert is answering a question a friend asked him.


Doug Nabert (left) is telling a story to Tyler Schuster (right) how beer was cheaper than water.

Interactions-Charles Montana


Chandler Rawls, 20, Andrew Hartfield, 21 shake hands after a game of wheelchair basketball.


Mary Catherine Conner, 19, lifts weights at the RAC.


Ross Barnett, 22, Andrew Hartfield, 21, and Mary Catherine Conner, 19, joke around after a game of wheelchair basketball.

Assignment 3- Interaction

Preparation for the midterm exam on Wed., March 8

It is definitely not too early to start preparing for your midterm exam on March 8. It will be an open-note, written exam with multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions, along with a few short essay questions at the end to make sure you can briefly discuss some topics. It will be timed – you will have one hour to complete it. There’s a lot of material we have covered so far, so you don’t want to be randomly searching through handouts too often when the clock is ticking.

Start reading and reviewing now so you are familiar with the material and know which handout to search if you get stumped.

HINT: Many of the topics are thoroughly discussed and give multiple examples and details, but the materials and concepts I really want you to know are usually in bold-face type or in italics. So start there.

That said, here is a study sheet to help you narrow things down:

Photojournalism midterm exam study sheet

The links to the handouts and presentations are spread out over different posts on the web site, so I will list direct links to them here:

If you want to view the videos from the presentations, you’ll have to find the post here on the website related to the topic, however.

If you haven’t read the handouts/study materials, do it now, even before you look at the study sheet. You should download them because you will probably need them for your exam. You can print them out or save them to a personal device and bring them to class, or you can download them and save them to a cloud account (like Drive or Dropbox) and pull them up on the computers in the classroom. It’s up to you.

Let me know if you have any questions.