Bring something to take notes with!

Review the Nouns/Verbs assignment so you remember what to bring to class Wednesday.

First, we are going to learn the basics of creating an image workflow with Adobe Lightroom.

Creating images in the camera is only part of the task for a professional photojournalist. What happens to the images after capture is every bit as important. Simply dragging image files from your camera’s card into a folder on your computer to download them isn’t sufficient.

Creating a consistent workflow will enable you to efficiently deliver and publish images in a variety of ways and ensure that vital information is always embedded into the image files for future searches and archiving.

Please bring something to take notes with to class. Just so you know, I have a handout that I will distribute after the lesson, but you will better learn the steps if you first take notes as we go through the steps.

Taking notes is also important because we will move at a fairly brisk pace. After we process our Nouns/Verbs images and upload them to your Google Drive folders, we will learn about lenses, perspectives, controlling depth-of-field,  and writing captions. Then we get our next shooting assignment!


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