Google Drive folders

We will upload most of our shooting assignments right here on the website.

However, our very first shooting assignment requires at least 200 images for credit, so I created a folder for each of you on my university Google Drive account.

I will show you how to do this during class, but FIRST, you must accept the invitation to share this folder on your own Google Drive account. I will be emailing invitations to the addresses you wrote down on your “Student info sheets” from the very first class. If you don’t receive an invitation in the next few hours, contact me right away.

The process is pretty straightforward. Your invitation it should look something like this:


Assuming you are already signed into your email account, you should only need to click on the “Open” button, and it should take you to your own Google Drive account and should look something like this:


You can always access this folder and add to it by clicking on “Shared with me,” then clicking on the folder itself, which should be named “PJ_Class_Your Last Name.”

I will show you how to upload your images to this folder in class.

So look for your email invitation and accept it BEFORE class on Wednesday!

Let me know if you have any questions.


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