Follow-up on class: 1/25

If you need to review the material we went over in class, here you go …

Here is a PDF version of the presentation, with my presenter’s notes:

Technical Control: Photography basics

I’m going to post some videos here, too, in case you want to review what we watched in class, as well as a couple of videos that go into more depth about what we discussed:

This is the first video we watched, so you can review the basics. The terminology is important:


Second, here is a video that goes into detail about aperture values and why some lenses have a range of maximum apertures vs. a fixed maximum aperture value:


If you need to review how to shoot in manual mode and how to use your light meter, watch this:


Here is the video that helps explain the process of choosing the best exposure values (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO) for your conditions:


And here is the video on using back-button focus:


We skipped this video, but if you want a primer about how to use your autofocus points, view this:


Shooting news photographs is a lot more like shooting wildlife than you might realize! If you want more info and details about using back-button autofocus, watch this (NOTE: this is especially good for Nikon users who don’t have a dedicated AF-On button – such as the D3000, D3100, D3200, or D3300 – but Canon users should watch this, too, because the technique is the same):


So, there’s your review.

If any of you missed class, this is where you need to start. Read and watch everything, with your camera in hand. Then contact me ASAP if you have any questions.

That goes for everybody, if you have any questions, contact me!


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