Follow up on class – Jan. 11

A few things to help us get started.

If you’re reading this and haven’t joined the Facebook group yet, please do so right away. Here’s the direct link to the FB group:

GSU Photojournalism FB group

Simply request to join, and I’ll approve you right away.

You can choose to follow this website/blog via email (look for the “follow” button on the right sidebar). Just be warned that you will get a lot of emails when fellow students post their shooting assignments. I will link new posts from this website on the FB group, so following this site via email is optional.

Like I said in class, read over the syllabus. There are links contained within it that can help you get the gear and supplies that you need for this class. Email me or post on the FB group if you have questions.

Read over the Code of Ethics. Think of questions you might have. You can bring them up in class, email me, or message me or post on the class FB group. I would highly encourage the last option (FB), because others might have the same questions as you do.

Like I said, there are kits available from the University, but they might be limited. It’s possible you might have to share a camera with a classmate, if you go this route. I will let you know more about the ground rules for checking out cameras next week, as there are some changes.

There is no textbook required for this class, so you might think about investing in a camera and lens. Read this post: Which camera? It contains links about cameras, lenses, and where to buy gear. Please read!

Here is the link about “where to buy gear.”

I put together a couple of posts to help you put together a used camera/lens kit – based on prices and current inventory at KEH – for under $300. If you shop smart and follow my recommendations, you can even get a decent camera kit for under $200. So please read the following posts:

Putting together a used Canon camera kit

Putting together a used Nikon kit

Next Wednesday (1/18), we’ll have a bit more lecture and discussion, so you’ll have time to get what you need to participate in this course. However, class #3 (1/25), everyone MUST bring cameras/lenses and memory cards to class. So keep this in mind.

You can find links about other supplies you’ll need contained within the syllabus.

As always, feel free to contact me anytime, via email, text (you should have my phone # if you read the “About your instructor” link on this website), or the Facebook group.


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