Buying camera gear for this class on a budget

Some of you don’t have cameras and, although the university has a limited number of DSLR kits available for checkout, I think investing in your own DSLR and lens would be wise.

I’m also fully aware of the often tight budget restraints of college students. If you are simply flat broke, we’ll make do. You can make good pictures with any camera.

That said, if you have the means, you should get your own camera kit so you are not beholden to the availability of the university’s gear. Take a few minutes and read this post about buying gear: Where to buy gear?

I highly recommend that you consider buying a used camera and lens. The post linked above demonstrates the advantages. The main advantage is that you can get gear which will help you get the most out of this class without completely breaking the bank.

Again, I suggest looking at KEH in Atlanta first because of their worldwide reputation as a reliable used equipment dealer. Make sure you read their rating system, and pay special attention to their Bargain (BGN) designation. This is equipment that may have some visible wear and tear on it, but is in perfect working condition.

You can get a camera/lens combination for under $300 if you’re quick to act before the bargains get snatched up. I’ve had students who were able to get their camera/lens combination for under $200 and were perfectly happy with their purchases. You can get something better than an entry-level camera and lens if you’re willing to spend a little more, you know what to look for, and you’re willing to work with slightly older models. I firmly believe that an older, more advanced model camera is a better learning tool than a brand new entry-level camera. It’s your choice, though.

I recommend sticking to Canon and Nikon brands. These two companies dominate the professional market and make up the majority of sales in the amateur market, too. Feel free to explore other brands, and I’ll offer you advice in that regard. But it’s really hard to go wrong with the “big two.”

I will be posting soon about some specific deals for kits you might be able to put together by shopping online at KEH. And feel free to contact me any time for recommendations and advice


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