Picture Story Proposal

Have you ever wondered how liver patients get the livers that they sometimes wait months to years for? “Is it mailed? Shipped? How does it get there?” Questions like these have kept me confused for years, but recently, I received solutions to these questions. One of my best friends recently became a medical courier in Macon, GA, and a significant part of her job is to travel to hospitals and transport live organs across the state, sometimes even between different states. My idea is to try and convey the journey that she takes as part of her job, and more than that, I want to try and show the class the journey that the organs take as well. When I spoke to her on the phone recently, she said that our access to the organs information is limited due to security and privacy laws, but with my camera, I want to show everyone just what it takes to move an organ from a hospital in one town to a hospital in another, and more so, the struggle that these medical couriers face driving endlessly from state border to border. They face exhaustion, frustration, very critical deadlines, and every job is in such a tight span of time that the drivers have little time to take care of themselves with bathroom breaks, food and caffeine. By the end of the project, I want to create a series of pictures that show people live organs and the journey that they take to the people in need, in addition to the steps that people take to make sure that they get there safely.


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