Story Idea-Catherine Placek

Life of the Water

A documentary approach to the people and events occurring on the Ogeechee River and Cypress Lake in Bulloch County, helps share the stories of the individuals living on the water. Individuals living on the water have a different kind of lifestyle then individuals who live in-land. Flooding, awareness of animals, and the environment are just some issues these individuals deal with in their daily lives.

A documentary on the interesting lives that these people have formed with their living situation shares a story in which we can appreciate their lifestyle choices. People living on the water can be kind, sharing their fishing knowledge with other fishermen, or these people can be protective of their land; living in solitude away from the “city” gives them a peace of mind. Either way these people share a common interest for their love for nature.

The Ogeechee River is just one of two rivers that are located completely in Georgia (we do not share it with any other state). In the past few years, fish kills have occurred due to factories dumping their waste products into the river making it hazardous to swim or fish. Flooding has made transportation in and out of their homes difficult; going to school, the grocery store, or getting gas can be a hard task to accomplish. In addition, the wildlife on the river is vast, ranging from alligators to insects we usually do not see in-land. Capturing the lives of these unique individuals will make for an interesting story to tell through photographs.

Cypress Lake is one of many lakes located in Bulloch County. This lake is interesting because both college students and local residents live on the lake. The lake is full of cypress tress, which produce a extravagant yet creepy scenery. The tress a very old and located between the trails of them, are residents homes. Some residents are created this area into a playground where they can sit on a dock in the middle of the lake or sit on their own dock located on the shoreline; either way residents have made they most of their living situation.


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