Photo Essay Proposal

For my Picture Story, I would like to photograph the Chatham Animal Hospital in Savannah, Ga.  I have already spoken to the owner over the phone, and he has allowed me to gain access to the back areas of the animal hospital.  There are a number of veterinarians who work for Dr. Gall and are willing to let me come and spend time with them during this semester.

My main subject would be the owner, Dr. Gall.  I’m hoping I will be able to capture Dr. Gall’s personality and values.  I asked him about getting some shots of his family, and he assured me that that would not be a problem.  If I could take some pictures of him with his family at Church or some other event, I feel like I could get a very deep, personal story.

I might could follow the narrative style of photo essays, by following Dr. Gall’s procedures with one particular pet.   The Animal Hospital is the only vet in Savannah that is allowed to treat wild birds.  It would be really awesome if, by some crazy chance, an owl or eagle gets brought in for some type of surgery, because then I could follow the story along with the animal.  However, if there isn’t a very good story to follow, I want to approach the documentary style.  I want to showcase Dr. Gall: the vet, the husband, the dad, the man who is actually treating your pets.  I haven’t exactly thought of particular shots or angles I want to use in my photo essay, but I’ll just wait for the moment.

I was originally playing around with the idea of showcasing a Shrimp boat Captain and Crew.  However, when I was looking further into that topic, I discovered that the shrimp season doesn’t start until later on in Spring.  I was hesitant to pursue this topic because I don’t want to be pressed for time, and wind-up just shooting some random pictures, last minute.

I feel very good about the Animal Hospital.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments about this topic.


About Cynthia Noel Wright
Cynthia Wright is a senior at Georgia Southern University and currently studying Public Relations. Outside of her studies, Ms. Wright is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to go hiking to waterfalls, kayaking around the river, or just simply enjoying the adventures of nature. She is an alumni of Kappa Kappa Gama of the Zeta Upsilon Chapter. This is her journey through the rough waters of the “Real World”.

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