Jennifer Arthurs Photo Story Ideas

I would like to do a documentary approach to the life of people in city market in Savannah, Georgia. I want to catch a center of life that brings a wide variety of people to this melting pot city. City Market is always filled with people of different walks of life and contains shops that capture the living pulse of the city with art shops, sweets, etc. This area has its own story that contains many different stories from the people who visit or work there.  I want to be able to capture their stories and show how each individual are connected to one another while simple being in this area.

Another idea I have for a photo story is to do a documentary approach on reenactors who are focused on the Civil War era. I want to show how people go from a modern-day lifestyle every week to transporting themselves back in time to a war torn era. With this approach, I would not just focus on the soldiers but on the civilians as well. I want to give a view that reenactors are not just mainly people re-enacting battles, but there are people who are reliving life as a civilian during that time as well.


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