Follow up on class (Wed. 3/6)

Okay, here are the handouts you need:

Quiz 2 study sheet

The Photo Desk (Part 1)

Definitely download them. Print them out if you need to.

The presentation on how to create good photo assignments and create dialogue about them is curiously – perhaps ironically – non-visual. But it’s important to understand how to begin these important conversations. Creating great visuals starts with talking. Here is a link to the presentation, but you can probably understand the most important aspects by reading and studying the handout:

Presentation – The Photo Desk (Part 1)

If you have any questions about the study sheet, please contact me. You need to make sure and read the textbook AND the handouts. They are meant to work together. Of course, there is no chapter on light in the textbook, so that information will come from the handout only. It can’t hurt to review the presentation on light, however, to make sure you fully understand the concepts.

I’ll be touching base with everyone about their picture stories over the next week. Some of you are ready to begin working. Stay in touch with me so I can help as you make progress. I might need to help others flesh out your ideas a little more. Either way, I’ll be in touch.

As always, feel free to contact me about anything.



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