Photo Story Idea: Catherine Jackson

My idea for my photo story is to focus on the Humane society specifically a married couple who are also political science professors here at Georgia Southern University who work with the Statesboro Humane Society.  Debra Sebia and Dr. Vincent Kohler foster animals (mainly dogs)  from the humane society and prepare them for adoption sometimes adopting the animals themselves.  I want to highlight their work with the Humane Society and focus on what their relationship is with them. How do they handle things monetarily? What got Deb and Vince interested in fostering animals? Do they keep tab on the animals they foster that are adopted? Or any other topics they feel should be focused on surrounding them and the Statesboro Humane Society.


One Response to Photo Story Idea: Catherine Jackson

  1. Scott Bryant says:

    This is good, Catherine. You’ve focused on one couple, and I think that’s good. It gives you the opportunity to make your story more personal while still allowing you to tell the larger story of the Humane Society through your subjects’ interactions. And you’re thinking about different story elements, which is also good. Careful, though. Many of the questions you propose to answer are questions that a reporter might ask when writing a story. Remember, this story has to be driven mainly by photographs.

    “How do they handle things monetarily?” That’s a fair question. Easy to write about because they can tell you. But how are you going to SHOW us something like that? A picture of someone writing checks would be boring. However, if you showed your subjects shopping with a cart full of dog food and other supplies, for instance, now you’re SHOWING us the kind of monetary commitment is necessary.

    Again, you can’t SHOW us how your subjects got interested in fostering animals, but you can show us what it means to them RIGHT NOW. Do they clearly love the animals they foster? SHOW us! Is it hard and stressful for them at times? SHOW us!

    You need to ask your subjects questions so you can get to know them and understand what’s important to them. That’s how you start. But as you listen to their answers, start figuring out WHEN you need to spend time with them and do nothing but photograph them doing what they do.

    Understand? I like how you’ve thought out your idea. Go ahead and get started, but rewrite your proposal to reflect the kinds of story elements you can actually photograph – by next Wednesday. Okay?

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