Follow up from Class #5 (2/13) – Features assignment

Okay, you are all now charged with going forth and committing acts of journalism with your cameras!

Read your Features assignment (A3. Features), carefully. Review the handout on Features. Review the presentation (Presentation_Features) from class – we didn’t get a chance to finish because our Portrait critique ran long. It might be helpful to see the examples and read my presenter’s notes. And read chapter 4 in the textbook. If you missed class or don’t have your handouts with you, make sure you follow the links above to view and download the material. And contact me right away if you have any questions!

The main elements of the assignment are:

TWO enterprise feature photographs are required.

  1. On-campus feature – show us something interesting about life on campus
  2. Off-campus feature – show us something about life away from campus.

SHOW us how people work. How they play. Go where people gather and show us how they interact with each other or their environment. See if you can give us a sense of community values or personal values through your pictures. Help us learn about events and organizations and why they are meaningful.

Remember to include full AP Style captions! You MUST have names, age, title or designation if any, hometown, location the photograph was taken, the full date when the photo was taken. You must describe what is going on in the photograph and explain the context in which it was taken in order for your audience to understand its relevance. Review the handout on captions if you need to.

And don’t forget to designate ONE of your features to be graded.

Upload them to the website no later than 5:30 p.m. TUESDAY, Feb. 19. And please include both your full name and the assignment in the title field – sometimes its difficult to figure out who some of you are by your usernames.

I was talking to Ajaime after class, and I’m going to give all of you the same advice: take your cameras with you everywhere you go. The assignment requires you to turn in two feature photographs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot as many as you like. Story-telling moments happen around us everyday. The more you shoot, the more you experiment, the better you’ll understand the process. Maybe see if you can shoot a feature photograph every day! Then you’ll have more to choose from when it comes time to upload your assignment.

So go forth. Make great pictures. And contact me anytime you like if you need some help or advice.


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