Follow up on class, 2/6

Several students missed class Wednesday. While I realize there can be many reasons for this, you still have an responsibility to make sure you are caught up and understand the material you may have missed. And absences are not an excuse for missing any shooting assignments. Deadlines still apply whether or not you attended class.

For those who missed class, know that there is a shooting assignment due Tuesday, Feb. 12, to be uploaded to the web site no later than 5:30 p.m. You can access the assignment here:

Assignment 2. Portraits

Make sure you read the assignment, but you will probably not understand exactly what is entailed until you read chapter 5 in the textbook on Portraits, read the handouts distributed in class, and review the presentations so you can see examples of what was being discussed in class. The PDF versions of the class presentations include my presenter’s notes.

You should have received 2 of the handouts from class on 1/30:

The Photo Checklist

Establishing Standards: Joe Elbert’s Hierarchy

Make sure you review and understand them. In order to fully understand, you probably need to review the presentation from class:


If you missed class, you missed a presentation on working your scene in order to visually explore your subjects. There is no handout on this, simply a list of angles and perspectives (found on your Portraits assignment) you should explore every time you shoot photographs. The presentation gives pointers and shows examples of how this visual exploration will benefit you. You can review the presentation here:


This presentation includes a short video to introduce you to the concepts:

The presentation also includes the expanded lesson on portraits. Again, read Chapter 5 in the textbook about Portraits. This serves as the base for understanding them from a journalistic standpoint. The handout, “Portraits” serves as expansion on the textbook. Make sure you read it and understand it. Again, reviewing the presentation will help you to visualize and better understand the subject matter.

You can view the material online, or download the documents in order to view them any time.

As always, contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Go out and shoot some great portraits! I look forward to seeing your work.


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