For class Wed 2/6

Just a reminder. If you haven’t done so already, take just a little time and skim through Chapter 5 of the textbook on Portraits.

You don’t have to study it too hard right now. You’ll get a heads-up when you need to study the chapter more thoroughly for an upcoming quiz. Right now, just familiarize yourself with the material so you can contribute to class discussion. Have an idea of why most Facebook portraits just aren’t editorial material. And be prepared to learn and discuss when portraiture is and isn’t a good approach to photojournalism.

We’ll also be learning some new vocabulary so we can discuss professional standards. This is important for learning how to critique photographs and our approach to making and using them.

You’ll be getting an assignment at the end of class. You’ll have to shoot a journalistic portrait – for a grade – in the next week.

See you soon!


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