Followup on Class (1/23)

Just a quick followup on class.

Read over your Mugshots assignment carefully. Let me know if you have any questions. Don’t forget the dimension I added in class:

Since everyone indicated that you have zoom lenses with your cameras, don’t forget to shoot at least fifteen (15) pictures of each subject, AT LEAST 5 from each of the following perspectives:

  1. 5 pictures – Zoomed all the way in, at your longest focal length (telephoto)
  2. 5 pictures – Zoomed approximately halfway, at a comfortable distance (the “normal” range)
  3. 5 pictures – Zoomed all the way out, at your shortest focal length (wide angle)

Frame your subjects the same way regardless of your focal length: fill the frame, but include top of the shoulders at the bottom of the frame, and leave some empty space at the top of your subjects’ heads. Set your focal length ahead of time, then move forwards or backwards to properly frame your subject.

This exercise is designed to discover the difference in perspectives that your particular camera and lens combination will allow, as well as learning how to operate your camera and change settings when necessary. Make sure to shoot test frames when you change perspectives. Sometimes exposure can change when you change perspectives, depending on your lighting conditions and background.

This is an opportunity to learn how your particular camera and lens combination works. Take advantage! Be methodical and make sure your exposures are correct for your given scene and perspective.

Read over the assignment so you know what to bring to class next week. Again, get a card reader! They are not that expensive. Read this link again if you want more info: Card Readers ….

Also, if you have not signed up to be a user on the website, do so as soon as possible. You will NOT be able to participate in the next class or the rest of the semester until you have signed up as a user. Please let me know ASAP if you have not received an invitation or you have lost your invitation. This is required!

Also, documents from class are available on the web site for review and downloading: DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS. This includes the presentation given during class, with presenter’s notes. Again, memorize the Shooter’s Mantra! I, purposefully, did not include a handout on this. You need to memorize it! If you want to review examples of the Shooter’s Mantra, review/download the PDF of the presentation: Presentation_JOUR3333_Basics.pdf

As always, contact me if you have any questions.


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