Forget good. Make your photos interesting!

Good photography starts with good subject matter.

To follow up on that, I ran across a blog post by photographer and photo editor John Loengard, and he has some good thoughts on this. Loengard says:

“It is not important if photographs are “good.” It’s important that they are interesting.”

What makes a photograph interesting? Loengard counts the ways:

  • It can be our first look at something.
  • It can be entertaining.
  • It can evoke deep emotions.
  • It can be amusing or thrilling or intriguing.
  • It can be proof of something.
  • It can jog memories or raise questions.
  • It can be beautiful.
  • It can convey authority.
  • Most often, it informs.
  • And, it can surprise.

Keep these things in mind when choosing a subject or a topic for your photographs. If you’re not accomplishing one or more of these, then you need to delve deeper into your subject and keep shooting until you reach one of these goals. Or you need to pick a different subject.

If you want your photographs to be interesting, you have to be interested in your subject. Be curious. Photograph something you might want to learn about yourself, and share what you learned through your photographs.

I hope this helps. As always, feel free to contact me if you want someone to bounce ideas off of.